2024 Summer Shares are now available on farm shares and box shares to Mama goose !



We are proud to be part of the Healthy Food for All Program. Healthy Food for All, a nonprofit project of the Center for Transformative Action,is a farmer-driven initiative that partners local CSA farms to make fresh, seasonal produce accessible to all community members regardless of income. We have a limited amount of subsidized shares. 

Sign up is easy: 

  • First fill out the form at the Healthy Food For All website. 
  • then make a payment in full through Paypal (link at the bottom of the page) or send a check to the farm for the full amount. ($325 check for the Two Adult Household Share or $275 for the Single Adult Household Share)
  • Or after filling out the form make a $10 deposit through Paypal or by check and then make 4 remaining  payments by Paypal or 4 remaining payments by check. 
  • Or after filling out the form email us that you plan to make EBT payments at Greenstar


Weekly distribution of richly grown produce of your choice in a Filled Sweet Land Farm bag. You pick and choose the vegetables each week that go into your bag. 
Itemized vegetables including tomatoes and garlic. 
Access to u-pick crops like strawberries, raspberries, peas, beans, flowers, kale, chard, etc. Most of the u-pick crops become unlimited! When we say unlimited we mean it! 
Invitation to farm events 
An invitation to come to the farm for family or personal recreation - walks, picnics, etc. 
A Sweet Land Farm bag for new members  


Weekly distribution of richly grown produce of your choice in a Half Filled Sweet Land Farm bag  
Itemized vegetables including tomatoes and garlic 
Access to u-pick crops 
Invitation to farm events 
An invitation to come to the farm for family or personal recreation - walks, picnics, etc. 
A Sweet Land Farm bag for new members 
Note: The only difference between the Single Adult Share and the Two Adult Share will be that the Single Adult Share receives a half a bag of vegetables every week. The itemized limits will be the same as the Two Adult Share ie. you will receive the same amount of tomatoes and garlic. The u-pick limits are the same as well as the invitation to farm events and access to the farm.  
Another Important note: The Single Adult Household Share is not a half share. It is not for two adults. If another adult is in your household and they 'do not eat vegetables' or have another source of vegetables this share is not for you. If you have two adults in your household I would hope you would purchase the two adult household share and help us cover the true cost of sustainable farming. We are in this together, the cost of the CSA share covers the expenses of the farm. That is how it is priced. We work hard to keep the share affordable and are committed to investing in soil fertility and paying our employees a living wage. We are happy to be involved in the Healthy Food For All program, which helps families who qualify receive financial assistance to purchase a CSA share. 


Shareholders come to the farm to pick up their share. PYO (pick your own) crops can be harvested anytime during the season any time between dawn and dusk, and as often as you wish. The Summer CSA season runs for 23 weeks (start date to be determined). Distributions will be held on the farm every Tuesday or Friday from 1-7p.m. Members may come to either distribution day, but only once per week. The distribution shed is also open from 8-noon on Saturdays for people who missed the main distribution, however we do not staff or restock the barn. Members may switch between distribution days as often as they wish – there is no need to let the farm know if you are coming Tuesday one week, and Friday the next. You will find the distribution barn and farm layout beautiful and easy to use.  


The Summer CSA season runs for 23 weeks (start date to be determined). Distribution of boxes will happen every Wednesday from 12-6p.m. Boxes will be located just inside the outer door to the Jillian's Drawers side of the stores. When in the parking lot, use the door to the right, near Evergreen Ithaca. Each week we will put togehter a farmer's choice variety of 6-10 veggies. U-pick is still part of the box option!


Basil, Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Celery, Celeriac, Cilantro, Escarole, Dill, European Cucumbers, Eggplant, Fennel, Garlic, Greens, Asian greens, Pac choi, Kale, Collards, Leeks, Onions, Head lettuce, Salad mix, Parsley, Parsnips, Peppers, Potatoes, Radishes, Daikon, Spinach, Summer squash, Winter squash, Chard, Tomatoes - standard, heirloom, Turnips, and Herbs! 


Strawberries, Raspberries, Green beans, Fingerling Potatoes, Edamame, Basil, Dill, Parsley, CIlantro, Kale, Chard, Peas, Shishito Peppers,Cherry & Paste Tomatoes, Tomatillos, Hot Peppers, Lots of Flowers and Herbs! 


We are also a location for other CSA pick-ups including  Wide Awake Bakery, and Wellspring Forest Farm. 




Payment in full for the 2024 season 

Full payment gives us some seed money for the beginning of the season and you don't have to worry about another payment. Thank you!

2024 HFFA Two Adult Household Share
2024 HFFA Single Adult Household Share

$10 Deposit and 4 Remaining Payments for the 2024 season. 

Option 1 is the $10 deposit. Option 2 is the 1/5 payment option

Second payment June 1st 

Third payment July 1st

Fourth payment August 1st

Fifth payment September 1st. 

We will send out reminders throughout the season. Thank you!!

2024 HFFA Two Adult Household 1/4 payment after $10 deposit
2024 HFFA Single Adult Household 1/4 payment after $10 deposit

Support HFFA 

We believe that healthy food should be available to everyone, regardless of income! 

The Healthy Food for All Program was founded as a partnership of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County and area farms, including Sweet Land Farm, the Full Plate Farm Collective, Ithaca Organics, Buried Treasures Farm, Westhaven Farm, and Kestrel Perch Berries.  The program provides subsidized CSA shares to low-income households in the Ithaca area.  HFFA is made possible by many local fundraising efforts, like Harvest Dinner ticket sales, other benefit events, and donations from individual CSA members--these shares are truly "community supported!"